Elevated Air Movement

At Peerless Blowers, we have been providing the best, blue-ribbon quality industrial blowers for over 3 decades.

With all fans and blowers designed and produced in house from idea to finished product, Peerless Blowers is an industry leader in innovation and energy efficiency.

Let us blow you away with our exceptional customer service and outstanding product line of industrial blowers, ventilation fans, inline fans, axial fans, and more!


Over the years, thousands of customers have come to know and depend on the quality-built, reliable and efficient fans and blowers built by Peerless Blowers. Our products have and continue to provide exceptional performance, cost-efficient operation and long-term service. Built with all-welded heavy gauge steel, we build to various AMCA standard drive arrangements and custom-designed requirements for original equipment manufacturers.

The blowers and fans provide efficient operation for material conveying, dust/fume removal, mechanical draft, hot air exhaust, and industrial process gas handling and removal applications.