Synergy Series - Direct Drive Plug and Plenum Fans

Synergy Series – the HVAC market’s first high efficiency plug and plenum fan series for static pressure increases of up to 10″ WG in the best efficiency point(AMCA classes I through III). Three space-saving, plug & play models are perfect for the energy-efficient retrofit of any Air Handling Unit or custom-built ventilation applications. The Synergy Series Direct Drive Plenum and Plug Fans combine American made engineering with the latest in European impeller diffuser technology to create the most efficient plug and plenum fans on the market. The Synergy Fans achieve the highest levels of efficiency while offering maximum controllability, long reliability and quieter operations. With wheel sizes ranging from 14″ to 22″ and motors options from 5 to 20 horsepower, the Synergy Series fans can operate over 23,500 cfm and up to 8 inches WG of static pressure in BEP.

The light-weight, economical Synergy PLUGlight comes with an EC external rotor motor with integrated controller. The Synergy PLENUMclassic with welded steel impeller is available with AC shaft motors. The sound-optimized, airfoil Synergy PLUGprime is equipped with an EC shaft motor and separate controller.

Synergy Series PLUGlight


  • light-weight plug fan
  • welded aluminum impeller
  • up to 4″ WG static pressure in BEP
  • AMCA class I
  • EC external rotor motor
  • integrated controller

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Synergy Series PLENUMclassic


  • classic plenum fan
  • welded steel impeller
  • up to 8″ WG static pressure in BEP
  • AMCA class II
  • AC shaft motor

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Synergy PLUGprime


  • sound-optimized plug fan
  • welded aluminum, airfoil impeller
  • up to 10″ WG static pressure in BEP
  • AMCA class III
  • 66% max. system efficiency (static)
  • EC shaft motor
  • separate controller

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  • retrofit Air Handling Unit
  • factory-built AHU
  • retrofit Roof Top Units
  • custom-design Roof Top Units
  • heat-recovery systems
  • custom-built Ventilation applications
  • Data Centers
  • Fan Walls
  • Fan Arrays