Tubular Blowers

Peerless' space saving, high efficiency Tubular Blowers move large volumes of ventilation air without taking up any more space than the ducting itself. Tubular models reduce ducting transitions and fittings, making installation less expensive and faster than housed fans.

Space Saving, Inline Installation
Belt and Direct Drive Arrangements
Conversion-Vane, Ultra-Quiet Options


Tubular Blowers best fit into applications needing quiet, consistent ventilation airflow, delivered in the smallest equipment footprint possible. In addition, Peerless Tubular models can be configured for any-orientation installation, useful for roof- or wall-mount systems.Minimum Equipment Footprint

Minimum Equipment Footprint

Some projects are completely tapped for utility equipment space, whether the case be a packed roof, no access to the roof (such as in a shared sublet), or having a landlocked site with no exterior equipment space. In these cases, our Tubular Blowers are an excellent solution, installing inline with the air ducting and needing no additional space for a traditional housed fan.

Quiet, Smooth Airflow

Since projects with limited space are usually also sensitive to noise, our Tubular Blowers include conversion vanes as standard, and can also have radial inlet vanes added as options. These unique, aerodynamically-designed conversion vanes straightens airflow as it exits the fan housing, virtually eliminating turbulence and vastly minimizing noise.

Industry-Leading Maintainability

Our Tubular Blowers are available with either direct drives or belt drives, both of which having special mounts that allow for simple service access, designed knowing that the blower will likely be installed overhead and tucked into roof structures. We also offer our Ultra-Swing Fan option, which adds housing hinges and side latches to swing open the shell for full access to all internal components.

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Customer factory tours of our Hot Springs, NC facility are ALWAYS welcome!

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Peerless Blowers is the only major blower manufacturer to offer a "no questions asked" guarantee on our workmanship for our entire product line for two years after purchase!

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We welcome all size jobs, large or small. Design and engineering assistance is available to any customer wishing to benefit from our extraordinary cutting-edge technological capabilities.

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