Centrifugal Ventilation & Exhaust Blowers

Air ventilation is the most common fan application in the HVAC industry, ranging from small kitchen hood exhaust to entire office complex air circulation. Peerless' Centrifugal Ventilation and Exhaust Blowers offer market-defining configuration options, efficiency, and performance.

Commercial and Industrial Air Handling
Huge Capacity Range: 112 to over 130,000 CFM
Quiet, Energy-Efficient Comfort


For clean air supply and exhaust in virtually any application or scale, Peerless' Centrifugal Ventilation Blowers are your solution.

Critical Building Comfort

Modern commercial and institutional complexes such as office buildings, retail centers, and academic facilities demand ultra-efficient, reliable, quiet, and consistent air handling. Our models meet these challenges readily, making them ideal solutions for the comfort of your staff and guests.

Wide Capacity Range

Designing new facilities and retrofitting existing spaces both benefit alike from standardizing equipment selections - fewer spare parts, consistent maintenance requirements, and more. Our ventilation blower options span wider capacity ranges in fewer differing models, allowing you to easily consolidate and standardize selections.

Market-Leading Availability

Our Centrifugal Ventilation Blowers are packaged units with housing, wheel, drive, motor, and frame all preconfigured for the most common ventilation duties, making selection and shipment a breeze. Standard models can be built, tested, and shipped within a few weeks of order.

Our Difference

Leading the Industry in Quality Conforming PPM!

Only the highest quality, industry-standard steel, and rigorous, quality and production procedures are used in the manufacturing process for our blower products - leading to a negligible amount of non-conforming parts each year. We even supply the ultra-quality obsessed Nuclear Industry!

Custom Engineered Jobs Are Welcome!

We welcome all size jobs, large or small. Design and engineering assistance is available to any customer wishing to benefit from our extraordinary cutting-edge technological capabilities.

Open Door Policy!

Customer factory tours of our Hot Springs, NC facility are ALWAYS welcome!

US-Based Sales & Customer Service Personnel!

Our entire sales and customer service teams are US-based for your convenience.

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