Peerless Blowers at AHR Expo 2018



Peerless Blowers presentation of new Synergy Series high efficiency plug and plenum fans draws visitors to booth at AHR Expo 2018.

The 2018 AHR Expo took place in Chicago, Illinois from 01/22 until 01/24/2018 at the McCormick Place Convention Center. With over 2,100 exhibitors from 165 countries worldwide and 70,000 visitors, this year’s AHR Expo is the largest event since its start in 1930.

Peerless Blowers was represented with a 540 sqft booth in the North Hall. Booth 3110 was located to the right near the North Hall entrance, attracting excellent Expo traffic. Visitors to our booth ranged from potiential customers, current customers, distributors, current Reps, Representatives inquiring to become affiliated with Peerless, contractors, to competitors.

The focus of this year’s presentation was introducing the Synergy Series – the HVAC market’s first high efficiency plug and plenum fan series for static pressure increases of up to 10″ WG (AMCA classes I through III). Three space-saving, plug & play models are perfect for the energy-efficient retrofit of any Air Handling Unit or custom-built ventilation applications.

The Synergy Series Direct Drive Plenum and Plug Fans combine American made engineering with the latest in European impeller diffuser technology to create the most efficient plug and plenum fans on the market. The Synergy Fans achieve the highest levels of efficiency while offering maximum controllability, long reliability and quieter operations.

Monday, the opening day of the Expo, was a very busy day. The presentation and layout of our new Synergy Series overwhelmingly was the leading factor that contributed to the drawing of visitors to our booth. The PLUGlight wheel and motor combination seemed to be the strongest focus. This was a pleasent and welcome surprise for Peerless and represented that Peerless Blowers has established it’s presence back in the market place. On Tuesday, we saw more representation of Reps and competitors visiting our booth. On Wednesday, most of the visitors were contractors and installers who, while showing interest in our blower systems, focused more on understanding the blowers that are in the systems they install or service.

Throughout the Expo the Peerless Blowers team members had the opportunity to visit and review numerous exhibitors booths, giving them more understanding and exposure to what products and applications are available in the market place and allowing them face-to-face time with customers, Reps, distributors, and competitors.